AN/BYG-1 Submarine Tactical Control System (TCS)

Delivering Open System Flexibility for Rapid Technology Insertion

The AN/BYG-1 modernization program develops commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) based software and hardware upgrades to integrate improved tactical and weapons control capabilities for multiple submarine Classes.

Development of the tactical control system (TCS) portion of the system is separated from the weapons control system (WCS), allowing independent yet parallel development and certification of TCS and WCS. The AN/BYG-1 integrates the tactical control, weapons control, and tactical network subsystems. Each of these systems incorporates a variety of advanced process build (APB) software algorithms that are developed by a host of industry, government and academia sources. The AN/BYG-1 is installed on the U.S. Navy's Los Angeles, Seawolf, Virginia and SSGN-class submarines, as well as on the Royal Australian Navy's Collins-class submarines.

The TCS portion of BYG-1 integrates sensor inputs to provide a common operational picture and improved situational awareness in an information assurance compliant environment that exploits the power of sonar, electronic support measures, radar, navigation, periscopes and communication.

Our solutions include:

  • Open systems/architecture framework
  • COTS technology
  • Common processing baseline across all submarine classes
  • Facilitates introduction of advanced capabilities every 12-24 months
  • Cooperative Development Environment (CDE)

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