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September 13, 2011

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General Dynamics Shows its Strength at DSEi 2011

London, United Kingdom - General Dynamics will demonstrate the strength of its capabilities at this year's DSEi 2011 at the ExCeL Centre in Docklands, London. Nine General Dynamics companies, including General Dynamics UK, will demonstrate the breadth of capability that General Dynamics provides to its customers around the world.

The General Dynamics companies present at DSEi 2011 will be: General Dynamics UK; General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems; General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products; General Dynamics C4 Systems; General Dynamics Canada; General Dynamics Electric Boat; General Dynamics European Land Systems; General Dynamics ITRONIX; and General Dynamics Land Systems.

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems (Stand S9-105)
Axsys Technologies, a division of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, will be demonstrating its perimeter surveillance and force protection systems at DSEi 2011 including a live display of the Axsys EOSS 250TC Long-Range Thermal Imager (LRTI) system, a static display of the Axsys EOSS 1000 and a model of the Axsys V9 Multi-Sensor.

The EOSS 250TC system offers narrow-to-wide field-of-view options, enabling missions from wide-area perimeter surveillance to long-range threat identification. Capable of resolving man-sized targets at over 20km, the EOSS 1000 is ideal for target acquisition in ground-based missions requiring maximum detection distance. The Axsys V9 Multi-Sensor features a large format infrared sensor, two high-definition cameras and 4-axis gyro-stabilisation to capture distant target signatures and preserve image clarity.

General Dynamics UK (Stand S9-105)
General Dynamics UK will unveil the first representative prototype of Scout SV on Tuesday 13th September, the first day of the show. In addition to the presence of a Scout SV vehicle only 15 months into the demonstration phase of the SV contract, General Dynamics UK will show why it is one of the UK Ministry of Defence's premier land systems provider, and key partner to customers around the world, by showcasing its C4I, Surveillance, Force Protection, Forward Operating Base, Deployable Infrastructure, Generic Vehicle Architecture and Security & Resilience capabilities.

In its C4I area General Dynamics UK will showcase BCIP 5.4 and UORs such as the Modular Deployed Operations Room (M-DOR), which it delivered to British Forces this year. The company will also highlight its premier positioning in surveillance and force protection with cameras from its Kylmar division and its deployable infrastructures, whilst its Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) capability will be demonstrated by Scout SV and its revolutionary patented Electronic Architecture (EA) system CIDS. In the civil sphere, General Dynamics UK will be demonstrating its leading position in security and resilience, showcasing numerous programmes such as Shell's Pearl Gas to Liquid field in Qatar and the Khalifa Port Industrial Zone port security programme in the UAE.

General Dynamics UK will also be launching GeoSuite at DSEi. GeoSuite is a web-based multimedia common operating system that facilitates users at all levels of operations to collect, report and share information. It is deployable from the Soldier level operating at the front line through to commanders orientating and deciding actions at command level, and brings a highly effective capability to any Battlefield Management System.
General Dynamics Land Systems (Stand S10-145)
General Dynamics Land Systems, one of the world's leading suppliers of armoured combat vehicles, will showcase its latest combat-vehicle technology and vehicle offerings. These include the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, the US Army Stryker ICV, the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) III and a 25mm Turret.

With a broad line-up of proven combat systems, General Dynamics Land Systems can deliver solutions for all armour requirements. Continuing company investment in engineering research, product development, and technological innovation ensures industry leading and affordable solutions to customer needs today and well into the future.

General Dynamics European Land Systems (Stand S9-125)
General Dynamics European Land Systems will present the Medium Trackway Bridge (MTB), a lightweight aluminium-made modular bridge for military and civil vehicles up to MLC40 and the latest member of its bridge family. The MTB is designed to produce bridge lengths of 3, 4, 6 or 8 meters.

In the Armoured Vehicles area, General Dynamics European Land Systems will show the PIRANHA 3, the most versatile and battle-proven vehicle in its class, with the HITFIST Overhead Weapon Station with the 30 mm automatic gun, co-axial 7.62 mm machine gun and a Anti-tank Missile Launcher. Also present will be the EAGLE light tactical vehicle with a Remote Control Weapon (RCW) station. This highly mobile vehicle offers higher payload capacity and outstanding protection against ballistic, main and IED threats.
General Dynamics C4 Systems and General Dynamics Canada (S9-105)
General Dynamics C4 Systems and General Dynamics Canada will be showcasing two new products at DSEi 2011. General Dynamics C4 Systems will demonstrate the new PathfinderTM Network Radio that solves the challenge of maintaining secure voice, data and video communications for military personnel and first responders who are called to work in areas where the local network infrastructure is destroyed, overloaded or nonexistent. Meanwhile, General Dynamics Canada will introduce the new family of Tactical Mobile Routers which provides soldiers with a distinct advantage over standard routers as it senses and immediately adapts to the configuration of the military network. This provides a reliable data messaging experience when end-to-end communications may not be stable or bandwidth is limited.

General Dynamics ITRONIX (Stand S9-109)
General Dynamics ITRONIX will display the new, fully rugged GD8200 notebook computer that delivers fast, reliable, power-efficient computing for tactical users. Also on display will be the GD300 rugged, wearable computer, running the Android(R) operating system. The GD300 easily accommodates current and emerging applications for soldiers at all command levels.
General Dynamics Electric Boat (Stand S9-105)
General Dynamics Electric Boat's exhibit will showcase a Universal Launch and Recovery Module for deploying and retrieving a wide variety of payloads from large-diameter tubes; its proposal for a future submarine dry deck shelter; a method for launching standard, non-marinised missiles from a submerged submarine; and its concept for an advanced special-operations forces (SOF) delivery vehicle.
General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (Stand S10-145)
General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products will showcase a number of new products at DSEi including its GAU-19/A and GAU-19/B .50-calibre Gatling guns, providing lightweight, lethal firepower to a variety of land, air and sea platforms; the MK47 grenade machine gun, which is a reliable, portable 40mm grenade weapon system suited for all types of mobile, tactical combat units; and XM806 .50-calibre crew-served weapon - a new generation of crew-served weapon, offering unparalleled combat effectiveness in accuracy, lethality and mobility.