Multi-INT Analysis and Archive System™ (MAAS®)

Scalable Software Suite for Motion Imagery (MI) and Intelligence Exploitation, Dissemination and Archiving

The General Dynamics Multi-INT Analysis and Archive System (MAAS) provides imagery analysts with a scalable software suite to capture, exploit, disseminate and archive Motion Imagery (MI) and various other multimedia data types. Built on an open architecture and leveraging open and commercial standards, MAAS offers analysts a versatile multimedia environment compatible with open source solutions as well as other exploitation tools.

MAAS provides:

  • Streaming and capture capabilities that support all-phase analysis and enable operators and decision makers
  • Fast discovery of data through a fully searchable Full Motion Video (FMV) and multi-int library
  • Automated forensic services increase efficiencies in workload and anayltic output
  • A solution scalable from laptops to enterprise architectures
  • Web-based tools for use with standard web browsers
  • Target based analysis capability

The whole process starts with the MAAS Capture software. The system administrator quickly and easily captures and records incoming video. An imagery analyst reviews the live video feed and related metadata while a screener inserts clipmarks, or annotations, into the video feed bookmarking notable activities and events.

MAAS integrates directly with a number of mapping and SA systems, allowing analysts to view the platform's sensor footprint using various backgrounds, such as raster map products or georegistered images. MAAS interfaces with a variety of SA tools, including GoogleEarth®, FalconViewTM, ESRI ArcMap ® and OpenMapTM.  MAAS provides an interface to these tools throughout the MAAS suite of applications allowing them to support numerous functions.

MAAS actively supports thousands of analysts in dozens of locations around the world from single laptop installations to 100+ live feed enterprise mission cells handling long term lifecycles of big data. Using data collected, exploited and stored by MAAS, analysts can support all phases of exploitation.

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